Making client-side easy… upcoming UI CSR series

We’ve all been kicking SharePoint 2013 around for quite a bit now and we’ve learnt every trick, manipulation and hack there is. We’ve Mastered it. Conquered it. For some, even Fallen in Love with it. Followed blogs, scoured Google and gone to the edge of sanity and back many times.

However. I still get surprised when I see how few people take full advantage of the simplicity that client-side rendering can offer. Sure, we can build some insanely crazy, complicated client-side code to build up complex tasks, but I’m talking about the simple luxuries in life, those that look beautiful, but seem too complex or seem only attainable at the hands of an experienced developer.

It’s time to make easy-pretty and have fun doing it.
Let’s simplify and get more people, with less experience building awesome looking renders, with ease.

Which is exactly why I’ve decided to start sharing some of the experience I’ve gained, Googled, stolen or learnt and made my own over the years, for all levels, be it juniors, intermediates or even seniors and maybe it will be of help to some of you out there.

As I progress with this series (still figuring out what would be cool to do :)), we can start looking at more and more complex applications but for now, it’s about knowledge sharing so I’ll be posting tutorials, code snippets, downloads and such over the coming weeks.

Feel free to comment on the tutorial sections coming up and I’ll help out wherever I can.

And if you have topics you’d like to see tackled, I’ll see what i can do to help out.

Hope to be chatting to all of you real soon. Take care.


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